Ray’s Story

When Ray and his wife moved from Southern Indiana to rural Iowa in the late 1970’s, they were looking for a parcel of land where they could farm and sustain their family.

Farming is hard work and in order for Ray to continue to grow his operation, he’s had to stay on top of technology and embrace new ways of doing things.

Ray is a national leader on farming policy and a conservative political activist who cares deeply about conservation of the land and supporting the infrastructure and human needs in and around his community.

Ray believes that every farmer should make their own educated decision about how to best manage their land and in determining whether leasing property for clean energy projects is right for them.

In Adams County, Iowa, 1.7 of the 4.9 million dollars the county receives in tax revenues comes from the 90 turbines currently in operation. These tax revenues will grow considerably as more projects are finished construction including the turbines that will be operational on his property.

After a decade of consideration, Ray and his family recently signed a lease with Invenergy that will make a portion of his family farm available to wind turbines.

Ray wants more rural communities throughout America to benefit from lower taxes, better services for residents and to ensure that farmers can be excellent stewards of the land they care so deeply for.

Fuel for Thought